About The Yearbook

Dedicated and generous students volunteer long hours after school and on weekends to do the layout, composition, and all administrative work involved with yearbook production. The only aspect of the yearbook they aren’t responsible for is printing.

The yearbook must pay for itself. No funds are allocated for it. The more businesses that donate/buy ads, the more parents who contribute PDA’s, and the more yearbooks that are purchased, the less it will cost to produce a yearbook. All advertisements and yearbook sales help to defray the production costs of the yearbook. The yearbook club encourages parents, relatives, teachers, and administrators of students in grades 9-12 to buy PDA’s. See the link to PDA’s for more information.

Since the yearbook club does not have a budget, we encourage the community to solicit donations from businesses to defray yearbook costs and/or to put us in contact with potential philathropoies.

Contact Information

Joe Gansrow, yearbook advisor: 203-3600 x3231
99 Cedar Swamp Road
Jericho, NY 11753

Life Touch Studios
(631) 225-9090

To order senior portraits from proofs, dial 1-800-736-4775


What is a PDA?

PDA is an acronym for “parental displays of affection.” Parents, relatives, friends, and teachers may purchase PDA’s. They are ads that may be composed of written messages, photos, both, etc. that are scanned into the yearbook.

How Do I buy one?

Make a check or money order payable to Jericho High School in the amount that corresponds to the size of the ad you’re purchasing. PDA order form

What are the options?

25 words, 1/8 of page, 1/4 of page, 1/2 of page, and full page. Sample ads
Full ad example

How to Purchase a Yearbook

You may buy the yearbook via credit card by calling Jostens directly at 1-866-282-1516

Please visit Jostens for more ordering information: Jostens