To access the Citrix Server, please read and follow the directions listed below:

Click here to download the Workspace App for your computer or device..
It will automactically detect your computer (Mac/Windows) and open the appropriate installer version.

If you are using an IPad and need help installing the Citrix App refer to the Citrix - IPad Help Guide

If you are using a laptop or desktop please follow refer to the following instructional video - Windows or Mac OS X

Login Information:

Citrix Server:
Username with domain: Jericho/Username (John Smith)
Password: Jericho Password (******)

If you need assistance logging in, please contact your school's Computer Lab Tech.

We are working hard to get all the applications installed on the new server. If you need a particular application set up please either create a request on School Dude (Students, please see your teacher about submitting a request.




LKD 3/15