In this activity, students write the correct name of the continent on each land mass. They locate Asia and outline the country of China and label it. Students lightly color in the continents.


classroom wall maps of the world

student worksheet to download, see below

light colored pencils, markers, crayons


chart paper



Locate China on the classroom wall map. Point out the continent of Asia and all the other continents. Have the class form and chart a working definition of a continent. Discuss the differences between countries and continents. Download, reproduce and distribute the mapping activity.

Follow Up, Extensions and Modifications

On a piece of writing paper, write the names of the continents in alphabetical order, learn to spell them.Write the continents down by order of the size of their land mass from largest to smallest.Write the name of a continent at the top of a piece of paper and write down as many countries in that continent that you can think of. Check your work on a map or globe.Recreate the continents on a piece of large drawing paper.Look up the word pangaea. Research the idea of pangaea and explain it to the class. Make drawings of the idea of pangaea.

Name ___________________ Date ___________________

Color in the continent of Asia blue.

Color in the continent of North America red.

Color in the continent of South America green.

Color in the continent of Africa yellow.

Color in the continent of Antarctica pink.

Color in the continent of Europe purple.

Color in the continent of Australia orange.


Note: printing page set up: landscape

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