Note to all parents: The intent of this WebQuest is for students to understand how Canada is shaped by its history and culture. This WebQuest will be completed with the support of the 5th grade teachers and the computer teacher.


Canada: A Nation Shaped By Its History And Culture

A WebQuest for 5th Grade


The tourism department of Canada is searching for a new way to entice immigrants to settle in Canada. You have been invited to participate in a contest to inform prospective immigrants of the benefits of living in Canada and to introduce to them the culture, history, and government of Canada.

The Process:

The steps to completing this Webquest are as follows:

1. You will be researching about aspects of Canada’s history, culture, and government.

2 . You will collect at least two Canadian artifacts (currency, seals, flags, stamps, etc.) and explain how the symbols on the artifact represent Canada’s growth and prosperity.

3. You will create an Inspiration flowchart comparing the government of Canada and the United States. Click here for comparison statements. Click here to see an example of Inspiration flowchart.

4. You will label the provinces and territories of Canada on a map. You will attach a descriptor of the immigrant and indigenous people who have settled in each area. Click here to print out copy of map.

5. Answer the following questions after viewing the Canadian map. Click here to view map. To print out the facts about Canada, click here. Print out this worksheet and answer the questions.

6. You will create a brochure using Microsoft Publisher that includes brochure checklist handout.


Required Reading In Class

Canada: A Global Village Junior Scholastic (class handout)

The United States and Canada (class text pages 50-61, pages 68-79, pages 118-135)

Internet Sites To Visit:

History of Canada

Factbook of Canada

Provinces and Territories: Canada Site

Illustrations of Canadian Artifacts

Regions of Canada

Yahooliganns Canada

Great Canada Site

Thinkquest Canada

Time For Kids Canada



You will need to complete all assignments to have a completed project.


*This WebQuest was designed by Kathy Defina, Alexandra Polychronopoulos. and Lesley Klish.