Travel the U.S.A.
A WebQuest for Grade 5


You are a travel agent at a large New York travel agency. You have been asked to make a presentation to prospective travelers on one state in the USA. Once you receive your assignment, you must become an expert on that particular state. As you learn about your state you will keep a journal of notes. You will put these notes into a report when you are through. This report will be presented at the Annual Nifty 50 State Convention. The best presentation will be awarded an all expense paid trip for you and your family to this state for two weeks.


Once you have gathered all of your notes, compiled your journal, been given clearance on your first and final drafts, you will present all of this information at the Annual Nifty 50 State Convention.

You will also be designing a travel brochure using Microsoft Publisher to be given to the information centers located in your state.


1. Review the Evaluation Rubric. Click here for a copy of the rubric. Hard copies are available in the classroom as well. This rubric explains what is expected of you. You should refer to this as you work on your report and brochure to be sure that you are doing what is expected in the final project.

2. Before you actually begin traveling throughout your state finding information to use for your report/presentation, write a letter to the tourism bureau of your state requesting information, maps, brochures, etc. about this state. Click here for a sample letter. You may find what they send you very helpful. Addresses to each bureau are in the classroom.

3. Next, you should print one copy of the journal checklist that you will use to help you take notes as you gather your information traveling around your state. Click here to print the journal checklist. Each page is headed with a topic that should be included in your research. (First Inhabitants, History, Natural Landforms, Natural Resources, Education, Climate, etc.) You should read the questions that are written on the pages to help guide you in your research. Of course if you find information that is not asked on these worksheets you may include it as well.

4. Collect information from books, magazines, encyclopedias and the internet. You will be required to use three different resources. Don’t forget to collect photos from the internet for your brochure. Most important is to keep track of where you are getting your information from for your bibliography. There is a worksheet for this too, that you should print out and keep with you to fill in as you find information that you will be using.

5. Create a new folder, call it pictures. As you find pictures to use for your state brochure save them in this folder. This will allow you to easily find them when you need them.

6. You will be required to submit your journal checklist on a particular date before you may proceed with your report. Refer to the "Dates to Remember" posting in the classroom to see what the date is.

7. After be given clearance to proceed on your research you may begin writing the first draft of your report. You will have a certain amount of time to work on this. Refer to the "Dates to Remember" posting in the classroom to see what the date is.

8. Again, once given clearance you may begin working on the final phase of your report, the final draft. A reminder to use pictures in your report/presentation. Check with your supervisor for the due date of your report and your presentation date.

9. In computer lab you will be creating a brochure using Microsoft Publisher. When designing your brochure make sure that you visit places that would attract people to come to your state. For example:
• the state capital
• one to two cultural site ( museum, art gallery or theater)
• four historical sites
• two recreational sites (park, beach, ski resort)

See your supervisor for instructions on how to proceed with this program and the evaluation rubric.

10. Most important is to visit places where visitors to that state would like to go. This will make your report/presentation appealing.



America the Beautiful(name of state), published by Children's Press (various authors)

Celebrate the States(name of state), published by Benchmark Books (various authors)

From Sea to Shining Sea (name of state), published by Children's Press, by Dennis Brindell Fradin


Internet Resources:,columns=6


Blank map outlines of each state:



Click on the evaluation rubric to see how you will be graded on your report/presentation.



Congratulations!! You have been selected as the winner of the Nifty 50 State Convention. You and your family will enjoy a two week, all expense paid trip, (including airfare), to your state. Nice work!!

Mrs. Treiber's Fifth Grade Class

Robert Seaman School 

Jericho Public Schools