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New Media Communications Seniors
By Alexa Mondello, Alex Sieb, and Nofar Almog


We’ll Miss Our Retiring Teachers
By Arianna Scavone

The Jericho community will certainly miss the retiring teachers this year. The student body looks up to and respects all of the teachers--even if they don’t show it all the time. This year, technology teacher, Mr. Hecht, and chemistry teacher, Mr. Anderson, will be saying goodbye to Jericho.


Kick It For Cancer
By Alexa Mondello, Nofar Almog, and Alex Sieb


Long Island Press High School Journalism Awards 2013

Editorial/ Feature/Column/Review
Format Buster
Honorable Mention
“Changing Demographics in Jericho”
Lauren Goldstein, Rachel Hoffman, Jonathan Lanz

First Prize “Two Movies as Good as Their Books”
Taylor Kang

Honorable Mention.
“Bomb Scare Assures Safety in the High School”
Chloe Shakin & Amanda Ritter

Honorable Mention.
“Horsing Around: Elf Visits Jericho”
Chloe Shakin

Social Media Analysis
Second Prize “Could Snapchat Be a Potential Problem?”
Sydney Bass

Newspaper Special Sections
Photo Series
First Prize “Hurricane Sandy: The Aftermath”
Julie May & Rachel John

News Site
Second Prize The JerEcho

Produced For Web
First Prize “Limited Senior Parking Causes Frustration”
Alison Lieberman & Trudi Ann Patric

Produced For Web
Third Prize “It’s Debatable”
Lauren Goldstein & Alanna Levine

Produced For Web
Honorable Mention.
“Horseability: A Great Volunteering Opportunity”
Julie May & Taylor Bialek

Spring Fever
By Jonathan Lanz and Lauren Goldstein

As the third quarter ends and the fourth begins, students have become stressed due to fast approaching AP exams and Regents. Students and faculty alike have found various ways to cope with this stress.


The Class of 2014
By Sabrina Berman and Sydney Bass

Every class of Jericho High School has something they’re remembered for. The members of the class of 2014 have different opinions of how they will be remembered. Based on a JerEcho survey, 61.5% said that the class be remembered as smart and competitive. Ben Kronengold thinks that “we will be most remembered as the senior class who was most competitive over college.” Nicole Glabman thinks that “our class will be remembered as the class that had the most energy and spirit.”


Acapella in Cafeteria

Jericho’s Obsession with Skinny Takes a Toll
By Amanda Ritter and Chloe Shakin

Day by day, Natalie* would eat less and less.
Day one: She removed the bread and cheese from her usual turkey sandwich for lunch.
Day two: She went without dinner to prevent any bloating for the pool party the following morning.
Day three: She consumed about 300 calories for the entire day.
She grew increasingly neurotic, counting calories and restraining herself from eating during her lunch period. It got to the point two months later that Natalie was literally starving herself.


Electronic Recycling Gives Work to Disabled
By Trudi Patrick and Alison Lieberman

As computers and monitors become outdated, Jericho High School recycles the materials, replacing them with updated models. The obsolete materials are then donated to a program called AHRC eWorks, a non-profit organization that provides jobs for the disabled.


Leaving a Mark on JHS: Seniors 2013
By Rikki Krauser, Rachel Hoffman, and Alanna Levine

As the seniors prepare to graduate, we look back on a handful of students who have left their marks on JHS.

Click on the picture above to view a photo slide show of some of JHS’s 2013 seniors.

Book Review:
The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao Review

By Amy Xu


Movie Review:
The Great Gatsby

By Rikki Krauser

On May 28, 2013, juniors and seniors of Mrs. Valenza, Mrs. Vardhan, Mrs. Bouler took a field trip to see “The Great Gatsby” in 3D at the Broadway Mall. The students and teachers filed into a private theatre reserved exclusively for Jericho High School students. Mrs. Bouler, along with students Michael Snyder and Cooper Paston, went all out for the event by dressing for the 1920s theme of the film. A myriad of students elucidated their high expectations for the movie after previously reading the book by F. Scott Fitzgerald in their English classes.




Rising Trend in Prom Proposals
By Lauren Dolowich, Rachel John, and Ben Kronengold

Prom proposals by Jericho High School seniors have become increasingly elaborate and public. With prom approaching in less than a month, seniors are becoming more and more anxious to have someone ask them to prom.


Day of Silence

The Day of Silence is a student-led national event that illustrates the silencing effect of bullying and harassment on LGBT students and those perceived to be LGBT. An April 19th, over 150 Jericho High School students took the pledge to remain silent all day. At the end of the day, the silence was broken...with a scream. Click the image below to see the video by Nathan Tschetter

Jericho Students and the Abundance of Private Tutors
By Julie May and Cindy Hassan

“I can’t come over; I have my tutor at 5.”

This phrase isn’t uncommon among students in the overanxious halls of Jericho High School. With many Jericho students worried about SATs, ACTs, and AP classes, private tutors are often used once a week for review and for grade improvement. Although extra help is also an option for struggling students, many hire private tutors instead.


Jericho Students Move on to Compete at National History Day Competition
By Cindy Park

On Monday, April 29th, many Jericho middle and high school students entered projects to the annual New York State History Day. This year’s theme is Turning Points in History: People, Ideas, Events. They competed against hundreds of students in grades 6 through 12 to present their papers, exhibits, documentaries, websites, and performances to professional educators and historians in Cooperstown, New York after winning a regional competition in Hofstra University in March.


The Jericho Addiction: A Personal Commentary
By Zachary Dukoff

Much like my peers, I am an addict. And like addicts, at certain times our pupils dilate, our armpits become enamored with sweat, and there is always that one kid who passes out. To what addiction am I referring? Extra credit.


Travels to the City of Prague
By Drew Longo

Click on the photo to view a travel collage of my recent trip to Prague.

JerEcho Advisors: Suzanne Valenza & Denise Ryder