Send photos to the Yearbook
right from your phone!

  • Download the ReplayIt app to your smartphone.
  • Search for Jericho, and select Jericho High School.
  • Enter the password: jericho2017
  • Create an account.
  • Take photos (or choose from one of your albums)!
  • Upload them to the yearbook (select a category and add a caption or a name if you know who is in the picture)!

Jericho High School Yearbook
Advisors: D. Ryder & N. Izzo

Order Your 2017 Yearbook

Here is the link - Jostens Yearbook Sales. <----Personalize it!

Have your name printed on the cover and add icons that represent your interests (sports, music, etc.)! Last date for personalization is February 27!

Recognition Ads

Build an ad to celebrate your student's achievements. Here's a sample. The deadline is January 23rd. <---- Deadline extended!!!

Click here to start! Space for recognition ads can run out so don't delay!

Baby Pictures

Please send a baby picture to Include their full name and student ID in the subject line.


SUBMIT YOUR SENIOR QUOTE and your list of activities/sports

Use this form to submit your senior quote and list of activities. These must be official Jericho clubs, service functions and/or sports teams. If you are not sure, here is the list of clubs/service functions. Please submit by January 3rd. <---- Deadline extended!!!