Send photos to the Yearbook
right from your phone!

  • Download the ReplayIt app to your smartphone.
  • Search for Jericho, and select Jericho High School.
  • Enter the password: jericho2017
  • Create an account.
  • Take photos (or choose from one of your albums)!
  • Upload them to the yearbook (select a category and add a caption or a name if you know who is in the picture)!

Jericho High School Yearbook
Advisors: D. Ryder & N. Izzo

Order Your 2017 Yearbook

Here is the link - Jostens Yearbook Sales. <----Personalize it!

Have your name printed on the cover and add icons that represent your interests (sports, music, etc.)! Last date for personalization is February 27!

Baby Pictures

Please send a baby picture to Include their full name and student ID in the subject line.