Important Dates

If You MISSED in school Senior Portrait Day
Sept. 20 and 21

(in the Little Theatre; these appointments are scheduled)

Portrait Selection
October 26th
(after Oct. 26th, your portrait will be selected for you by the computer)

Quotes/Activities Due
November 20th

Order Your Book
$95 until December 21st
NOW $109

Baby Pictures
January 11th

NEW Deadline
Jan 25th

Recognition Ads
NEW Deadline
January 28th

Last date to personalize is
February 15


Jericho High School
Advisor: D. Ryder

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Order Your 2019 Yearbook - $109

Use this link to purchase your book - Jostens Yearbook Sales.

The senior group photo will take place Wednesday, March 27th in the Sam Springer Gym at  3:15 PM. THE PHOTO WILL LITERALLY BE TAKEN AT 3:15. Go to your 11th period class, your teacher will take attendance, then escort you to the gym. If you are free, make sure to be at the gym BEFORE 3:15.

Senior Photo Selection

Please make your yearbook portrait selection by following the online instructions that were included in your proof. Your selection must be made by October 19th. Students who do not select their own photo by the 19th, will have the choice made FOR THEM by the computer!

Photo selection deadline extended until October 26th (but don't wait until the last minute)!!


Use this form to submit your yearbook quote and list of sports/clubs. The due date for submission is November 20th. Parents: please do not fill this out!

Order Your 2019 Yearbook - $109

Use this link to purchase your book - Jostens Yearbook Sales.

Baby Pictures

Please email a baby picture to Include full name and student ID in the subject line. NEW deadline January 25th.


Build an ad to celebrate your student's achievements. Here are sample sizes and pricing. The deadline is January 28th.

Ad space can run out, and space for certain size ads can also run out. Click here to start!


Have your name printed on the cover and add icons that represent your interests (sports, music, etc.)! The deadline for personalization is February 15th.

Click here for more about personalization, including pricing.




Send photos to the Yearbook
right from your phone!

If you have a photo that you think the yearbook staff should consider for inclusion in this year's book you can submit it using an app called ReplayIt.

  1. Download the ReplayIt app to your smartphone.
  2. Search for Jericho and select Jericho High School.
  3. Enter the password: jayhawk2019
  4. Create an account.
  5. Take photos (or choose from your albums)!
  6. Upload them to the yearbook (select a category and add a caption or a name if you know who is in the picture)!