Send candid photos to the yearbook
right from your phone!

  • Download the ReplayIt app to your smartphone.
  • Search for Jericho, and select Jericho High School.
  • Enter the password: jayhawk2018
  • Create an account.
  • Take photos (or choose from one of your albums)!
  • Upload them to the yearbook (select a category and add a caption or a name if you know who is in the picture)!

Important Dates

Senior Portrait Retakes
Sept. 25 and 26

Studio Retakes
Last day for appointment
October 5

Order Your Book
$95 until December 23rd
Now $99

You can personalize until
February 27

Four free icons with personalization if you order and personalize by October 13

Portrait Selection
October 19
(after the 19th, your portrait will be selected for you by the computer)

Quotes/Activities Due
November 20th

Recognition Ads
Deadline Extended
January 30

Baby Pictures
January 31st


Jericho High School Yearbook
Advisor: D. Ryder

IT'S NOT TOO LATE to order your 2018 yearbook for $99 (it's $110.00 on the day of distribution) or to personalize. Last date for personalization is February 27. Click here to see a sample. Click here to purchase a book and personalize.

Senior Photos

Have you taken your senior photo yet? If so, please make your portrait selection (use information sent to you by LifeTouch to go online). Your selection must be made by October 19; otherwise the choice will be made FOR YOU!

In-school retakes are Sept. 25 and 26 from 8:30 to 3 in the auditorium.


Use this form to submit your yearbook quote and list of sports/clubs. The due date for submission is November 20th. Parents: please do not fill this out!

Order Your 2018 Yearbook - $99

After December 23rd the price goes up, so save money and order now! Here is the link - Jostens Yearbook Sales.

Personalize <-------- You can still personalize

Have your name printed on the cover and add icons that represent your interests (sports, music, etc.)! If you order by October 13, you get 4 icons for free. Last date for personalization is February 27. Click here to see a sample. Click here to purchase a book and personalize.

Recognition Ads <---Deadline extended!

Build an ad to celebrate your student's achievements. Here are sample sizes and some sample ads. The deadline is January 30. Ad space can run out and space for certain size ads can also run out.Click here for more about ads. Start building your ad.

Baby Pictures

It's never too early to send in a baby picture! Please email it to Include the student's full name and student ID in the subject line. Due January 31st. NOW!!!!