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The databases provided by Jericho High School Library, Jericho Public Library, and New York State have various passwords. You can access the password list from home by clicking the "Get Passwords" link below and entering your school username and password.

Get Passwords.





















Getting Passwords

If the login screen has two boxes, enter jericho\ (including the slash) then your username. Type your password in the password box. It should look like this:   If the login screen has three boxes, log in as you would if you were in school and type jericho in the third (domain) box. It should look like this:

Jericho High School Library * 99 Cedar Swamp Road * Jericho, New York 11753 (516) 203-3600 x3209
e-mail dryder@jerichoschools.org
Last updated 8-dec-17