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eBooks, Audiobooks, and now Video!

An eBook is an electronic version of a printed book published in format that can be read on a computer, iPad, Kindle, etc. An audiobook is a spoken version of a book published in an electronic format that can be listened to on a computer, smartphone, or handheld device.

The Jericho High School Library provides access to eBooks, audiobooks, and now video, through Overdrive.

Materials downloaded from Overdrive can never be overdue - they "return themselves" (disappear from your device)
on their due date!

Downloading 101

In order to download material to your device you will need:

    1. a device
    2. an Overdrive powered web site
    3. your username and password
    4. special free software (depending on your device)

eBooks || Audiobooks

Overdrive's eBooks come in three formats: Kindle Books, EPUB, and PDF. When you search the collection be sure to download the correct format for your device. Not every book comes in every format.

  • Kindle Books can be delivered to Kindle devices and Kindle reading apps.
  • EPUB eBooks are for mobile devices and other eBook readers.
  • PDF titles have fixed text, but the page can be zoomed to create a large print eBook.
Depending on your device, you may need:
    1. Overdrive Media Console This is the app used to read the eBook on your smartphone or iOS device (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch). It is available for free from the Overdrive web site or from the App store for your device.
    2. Adobe Digital Editions Adobe Digital Editions is what manages your downloads and checks them back in at the end of the loan period. The first time you use the Overdrive Media Console you will be prompted to sign up for an Adobe Digital Editions ID.

      Note: You will not need Adobe Digital Editions if you are using a Kindle or using the Kindle App on your iOS device (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) because Amazon handles both purchases and borrowed materials.


    Overdrive's audiobooks come in two formats: MP3 and WMV (WMA titles require a Windows computer).


    Access site - enter "library card number" and "pin" - confirm check out (make sure you selected correct format) - at this point you can download the item or, if this is your first time downloading, download and install the software you need.

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