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About the Jericho High School Library

The high school library was built in 2001. It provides an environment that encourages learning through the use of organized, accessible resources. It features a dedicated computer lab/classroom, comfortable seating for reading and relaxing, beautiful cathedral ceiling,and a view that is spectacular in every season!

The Library opens at 8:15 am and closes at 4:00 pm providing a place for students to study, work, and do research before and after school.

Ms. Ryder is the high school librarian. She has been with Jericho since 1989 and is one of only six National Board Certified School Library Media Specialists on Long Island (one of the others is our middle school librarian, Ms. Mignone). Our aide is Mrs. Rios and our secretary is Mrs. Siebenhuener.

The Jericho High School Library offers a wide range of materials that both support and enhance the curriculum. We have approximately 16,000 books which include an impressive reference collection, hundreds of classics, and an AWESOME fiction collection. Books can be checked out for three weeks. If more time is needed, materials may be renewed. Reference books are for library use only, therefore a photocopy machine is available. Copies are free!

eBooks and Audiobooks
The Jericho High School library provides 24/7 access to eBooks and audiobooks via Overdrive. Go to the eBook page to find out more.

World Language Collection
Our library has a special collection to meet the needs of diverse readers! The concentration is on the core and supplementary texts from the English curriculum 9-12, and then on recreational reading. Check out the collection now!

Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC)
In 1995, Jericho’s high school library was one of the first school libraries on Long Island to be automated, which means having the ability to search for and circulate materials by computer (some school libraries are still not automated)! We were the first school library to have our collection available 24/7 via the Internet. Our OPAC is accessible from every page of the library's Web site.

Videos, DVDs
The Jericho High School Library's audiovisual collection is one of the largest in the county, boasting over 3,000 items.

Copies of textbooks are kept on reserve for use during free periods or before and after school. Textbooks cannot be removed from the library.

Tech in the Library
The library has over 40 computers! Our lab/classroom has 30 networked computers with high-speed Internet access. Both the main room of the library and the library lab have projectors. The lab has a SmartBoard. The main room of the library has one color and one black and white laser printer. The lab has one color printer and two black and white laser printers.

Online Databases (ROGER)
In the age of “instant publishing,” it is important to understand that not all information found on the Web is reliable. Web site evaluation is, of course, taught as a part of our Information Literacy Program. In addition to the skills needed to critically evaluate information, the high school library provides access to an unprecedented collection of subscription databases, the content of which is reliable. The text of magazines (such as Time, and Consumer Reports), newspapers (such as the New York Times and Newsday), scholarly journals, reference books, and other reliable sources, is what these resources are built upon.The High School Library’s Online Databases are accessible from every page of the Web site by using the drop-down menu bar at the top.

Within the building these resources are accessible without having to enter usernames and/or passwords, however usernames and/or passwords are necessary for home use. Go to the password page to find out more.

Denise Ryder, NBCT/LM * Jericho High School Library * 99 Cedar Swamp Road * Jericho, New York 11753 (516) 203-3600 x3209
e-mail dryder@jerichoschools.org
Last updated 29-sep-16