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The Jericho High School Library's mission is to help each student excel and achieve maximum potential by creating a 21st Century learning environment, fostering a love of reading, and promoting the effective use of information and communications technology.

Students will be able to:

  • determine what information is needed
  • identify the best sources for a given task
  • evaluate all sources critically
  • efficiently locate and access information
  • use the information ethically
  • share the information effectively and/or creatively

OVERDRIVE: Downloadable eBooks and Audiobooks

eBooks are the electronic version of printed books which can be viewed on a desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, or e-book reader. Audiobooks are voice recordings that you can listen to rather than reading the text of a book or other type of publication. Audiobooks can be an exact word-for-word version of a book or a shortened (abridged) recording.

The library uses Overdrive to deliver eBooks to students and faculty. Overdrive is the system all the public libraries use, so if you have borrowed books from Jericho Public you already know how to use it!



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