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Jericho High School

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One exam on one day tests students’ knowledge of course content for the year. The New York State Regents exams force the majority of Jericho students to enter a state of distress. It is pretty clear to everyone that Jericho students receive incredulous amounts of stress from school and their grades. Therefore, as the end of the year approaches it is no surprise that students are taking Regents review classes and looking for private tutors. We interviewed many teachers for advice on how to do well on the Regents and students to see how they are keeping up with the Regents material.

Teachers shared their feelings about private tutors and getting prepared to take the exams. Mrs. Deutsch, a geometry teacher, stated that probability and line segments are typically tested the most on the state exams. “We actually start prepping in September but as a student, you should start preparing midyear,” she said. She recommends the Barron’s red review book, which consists of past Regents exams. Mrs. Deutsch believes students should be making index cards and memorizing formulas over the course of the year. Regarding the night before the exam, she said, “Students should be relaxing but on the morning of the test, students should look over formulas and index cards.” Mrs. Deutsch was also aware of the fact a significant portion of the Jericho society are employing private tutors outside of school. She thinks that if the students are doing their work and need the tutor solely for reviewing, then it is acceptable. However, she also said, “But if the tutor has the pen in his or her hand and is doing all the work, then it is not effective.”

When asked about the most commonly tested material on the English Regents, Mr. Kirby, AP Literature and Composition instructor, replied that there is always an essay to write. He noted that grammar, on the other hand, is somewhat rare to find on the exam. He said, “Students should always be reading challenging literature,” rather than merely studying just to get a high score on the Regents. And his advice about what to do the night before? “Get a good night’s rest and a nice breakfast filled with carbohydrates.”

In terms of the Chemistry Regents, Mrs. Rinaudo comments that all units are equally tested on the exams. She believes all Regents books can help only if the student is willing to do the work provided. However, she feels the same way as Mrs. Deutsch on outside tutors. “If you’re using it as a crutch and you’re not willing to do the work, then it’s not effective. But if you are struggling and you’re in a bad situation then it’s okay.” According to Ms. Rinaudo to master the Chemistry Regents, students should be taking practice tests and start getting ready.

As for the Global Regents, Ms. Crean, a Global History I teacher, suggests that students visit whenever they have time. Although tutoring is a helpful way to prepare, Ms. Crean recommends that students attend extra help or review the material with a group of friends. “Various units are tested. Every unit is covered but there are always typical questions that are asked. Students should be prepping the entire year but they should be studying months ahead of time,” she said.

Aside from teachers, we also interviewed students who are actually the ones going in to take the three hour tests. It is not juniors or sophomores who have already begun to take Regents review classes outside of school, but freshmen. Five out of six freshmen are worried about science subjects such as Earth Science and Biology. Two out of six students are getting tutored and another two out of six are studying on their own with a Regents review book. Amongst the students, the Adelphi Regents Review Programs is very popular. It consists of a seven hour review class for all AP and Regents topics. Although it can be on the expensive side, charging up to $160 per day, many students choose to go in order to solidify their knowledge. When asked to compare outside classes to school, freshman Sam Newman believes that the review classes are more generalized whereas the school teachers are more personal. However, on the other hand, Haley Pastolove, another freshman, disagrees and believes that the outside classes have a more one-to-one setting.

Clearly studying for Regents exams is a major concern for Jericho students who will be doing so in the coming weeks in time for this year’s tests in mid to late June.

By Taylor Kang & Jisoo Kang

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