The History and Performance of American Patriotic Music and their Composers

American patriotic music is a part of the culture and history of the United States since its founding in the 18th century. As Americans, we see freedom reflected in many aspects of our culture. Television, movies,advertising, art, and music all mirror life in the United States. Patriotic music provides us with lyrics that express pride in being Americans.

This webquest is designed for 4th and 5th grade students to research the history of American patriotic music and their composers. You will eventually learn and perform some of this music.



Your task is to research American patriotic music and their composers. You will be learning how to play some of these songs and eventually perform them.



You may work on your own or in a group.

You will select two patriotic songs from the following list:

Who composed the music?

Who wrote the lyrics? (Is it the same person?)

What year was it written?

What was going on in American history when the song was written?



Here is a list of helpful websites:



Click here to print and complete your evaluation



Congratulations! You have successfully completed your webquest assignment.

Now you are ready to learn some of these songs so that you can perform them!





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